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Andy Campbell

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Burford Primary School

Do you need a new uncomplicated and affordable website that is easy for you to update yourself?

Using any of the WordPress CMS themes below, I can build a smart  and responsive website that is tailored to your needs and is easily updated by school staff, via any web browser. I can also also build and maintain a more complex individual website on your behalf, should you require it.

As an ex-primary school teacher, I am well versed at building primary school websites that promote the school well and satisfy important OFSTED guidelines. In addition to exploring this site, which was built by me, you can view more of my sites by clicking on the images below:

Demo Primary WP CMS

Website Development

Demo One Primary WP CMS

Demo Four Primary WP CMS

Demo Six Primary WP CMS

Display Primary WP CMS

St Kenelm’s Primary School

Demo Two Primary WP CMS